Freedom apk – Unlock Premium Apps

The Android device in your hands is a very powerful and entertaining tool is used wisely. There are hundreds of apps available for free to do a number of tasks. There are apps you can use to listen or download music, there are apps that you can use to download or watch movies, and there are apps that you can use to download or play different games.

If you are a die-hard gaming fan, you can visit Google Play Store and download or play any game you like. Most of the free games that you freedom apk see or download from Google Play Store or other sites come with limited features, you will have to pay in order to unlock more features or use the premium version of the apps.

When you use the Freedom apk file, you get to install the Freedom app on your Android device. This app will help you unlock those special features or get access to the Premium version of the apps without paying a single dime.

Ratings of cartoon HD app

The ratings of cartoon HD app are average. On Google play store, it is rated as an average application. Basically this application provides you a collection of videos related to cartoons and other shows on a single platform. It collects videos from YouTube and store it for you in order to save your time from browsing.

It is rated 3. 0 from android users. Few users’ complaint about the resulting blank page after the installation of the cartoon HD app. There are some users who said that the videos are available on foreign cartoonhd language so, they are unable to understand the videos.

Some people really enjoyed using cartoon HD app. People also loved this application and they think they do not need an internet connection for this. The IOS users are way more satisfied than android users. They loved and enjoyed the app very much.

Videoder app works with all formats

Videoder app has the movies that can be found in different 3GP, FLV, MP4 and Webm. You can see the output resolution with the file size before downloading. Besides, you may download the audio for the video in the MP3 format and choose the downloads folder at the device. When you have chosen the format, the download is going to start at once. You do not need having an app open and because you may see the progress in notifications bars, you may get the warning notice if videoder it ends. The app may show the content for the aforementioned download folder.

When you click at the downloaded video in the app, there is a context menu that can drop down and with it, you may play the video or delete it or you may send it to any person you want to, using the social network already installed on the device. It can be Instagram, Gmail, Facebook and WhatsApp among others.

Cinema Box – New Name, Better Features

Formerly known as PlayBox HD, Cinema box app offers better features to stream, watch or download movies, TV shows, and videos anytime you want. One of the coolest features cinemabox that this app offers is the Chromecast option. By using this feature, you can watch your favorite movies, TV shows, or any other videos on the big screen anytime you want without using any cables or wires.

The Chromecast feature is the next big thing and most of the smartphone or smart device users are already taking advantage of this great feature. Now you do not have to restrict yourself to watch your favorite movies on the small phone screen when you can use the Chromecast option of the Cinema box to watch them on the big screen of your HD TV. It is pretty simple to setup the Chromecast function and one you start using it you will just get hooked to it.

Advantages of using the Vidmate App

Just like a number of applications, the vidmate app also offers multiple benefits to the users. Some of these benefits are as under:

* The application provides you the vidmate apk access to the latest movies and the videos available.
* Downloading of the videos is possible in different resolution powers
* The videos and movies in different languages are available especially the Hollywood, Bollywood or any other industry.
* More than 450,000 songs with different language versions are available in the application.
* The user of the application can add or delete the sites from the default lists available in the application.
* You can use the application anywhere you find the internet connection, after downloading the file, you don't need the internet anymore and enjoy the songs offline.
* The application is available to all the users worldwide. Anyone can get access to it.

List of the 8 best video downloading apps on Android phone

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How to use Xender app

To install the Xender app, xender you are able to download the app from Google Play Store and to install the app on the phone by the use of the instructions that appear on installation process. When the app has been installed on the device successfully, you will then follow the steps given to start using it. You have to launch an app on Android phone and to ask a friend if he can also install the app.

You need to tap and to connect to the friends’ button and you can create a group.

These people are able to see the notification on their Xender that you are already online. They can tap on the connect button before tapping on your name and they are ready to connect with you. In this way, the two of you are connected so you can start to receive and to send the files using the app.

Movie Box application consume less storage space

As moviebox the name of the application shows, it is an application related to the movies and offer you to download the movies. It requires too much space in your phone, but when you showbox start downloading the movies, you will need more and more space. You can use the phone with high internal memory. Another option is provided to the users is that, they can use the external memory to save the movies or the application in the phone.

All those phones that have limited memory can’t save the application. It will give you an error when you start downloading the application. But this error does not mean that you can’t download the application or you have any jailbreak problem in your application. Firstly you have to check your application downloading error and then take any decision.

Zapya app is among the best app

The zapya app can be used to connect over 300 million users in the entire world. It is a real cross platform that share with the native zapya free download android for the Mac, PC, window phone and iPhone and iPad. The global mobile internet has put it among the 50 Best Apps for individual for the best Tools app for the GMIC.

The app is free and also self contained. The user can share without the need to use the mobile data plan or connecting to the wi-fi router. It is the fastest file transfer tool that it is updated on regular basis. You may hook up the model of the device at once. You can share the PDF, apps, video, music and photos with other file types and the unlimited file size. You can use it for the group sharing and you can meet up so that you can enable any transfer to the group of over 5 friends.

The steps to install the Playbox hd

If you want to install playbox hd apk the Playbox hd, you can get some simple tutorials that have some simple steps in installing the playbox movies at the android. Since the app cannot be available on the play store, then you have to use the APK option if you wish to install it.

You should download the playbox apk file right now and you may get apk file location at the phone and then click at the apk file.

It is going to ask you if you wish to install the apk file at the mobile phone and it can start to install at once. When it has been installed completely, you will have an option of opening the app and you can tap at the open button and you will be able to stream the favorite movies at the Playbox HD app. The streaming start when a user clicks at the Stream and to select resolution. The movies will start on the playbox HD app.

ShareIT the new age app

Share it is a new age for the android or smartphones users. This app is used to transfer files using the hotspot features and at a lighting speed. Huge files can be transferred with the use of Share shareit for pc IT. This app is extremely useful in sending video files of large size or any kind of document like the PDF; excel sheets, ppt, etc. game installer files can also be send with the use of Share IT.

The users can transfer files to five devices at a time. But the devices need to have the hotspot features and Share IT installed in it. The draining out of the battery is never an issue while using Share IT. The file transfer is done through the hotspots available in the phone and thus the file transfer does not require any kind of internet connection. Connecting the phone over the Wi-Fi is also not necessary while using Share IT.